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Yes, animals also benefit from the redox signaling molecules in ASEA and RENU28!

If it has a cell, ASEA will help it.

Dr. Gary Samuelson, Atomic Medical Physicist

See for yourself what pet lovers say in a private Facebook group created to share their results using ASEA and RENU28 on their pawed, hoofed, winged and finned pets. 

Stache started begging for RENU28 when he was under a year old. He would follow his human around and beg her for the gel. As you can see in the video, he loves it! He’s a healthy, strong three-year-old now.

Tania I.

This guy loves his redox, and “coincidentally” hasn’t had knee issues for over four years (which is remarkably how long he’s been a user)! He begs for it!

Cecily R.

Our 8-inch Blood-Red Parrot Cichlid fish, “Crackers,” began developing this parasitical/bacterial infection several months ago that opened up the skin on his head. This ‘hole’ grew deeper by the day, but I knew that Redox Signaling Molecules would help him in every way.

My challenge was, “How do I apply the Redox molecules and/or use Redox with him in the water?”

He showed me the way by allowing me to support him with my hand from the bucket while I let the molecules drip into the troubled area. Every time I did this with him, he never fought or flipped around – not once. We watched this area drain and grow back over.

Redox Molecules were applied directly from a squeeze bottle to the open area every two or three days over three months.

Developed for humans, but animals innately know. And…. there is no “placebo effect” with animals. Redox is amazingly effective – yes, even with fish.

Ellen W.

A young horse shipped into our farm with a serious skin issue on a hind ankle. For 6 weeks, her previous caretakers had tried to heal the painful, bleeding sores on her ankle with no luck. They said they tried every salve known to veterinary medicine but it just wouldn’t heal. It was so painful, it was hard for her to put weight on it.

We immediately began applying the redox gel several times a day. The photo on the left was taken when she first arrived after we’d washed off the blood; the right pic was after 5 days of treatment with redox gel. I kick myself for not taking a photo about a week later when the ankle was completely normal. Needless to say, she was a happy girl!

Beth W.

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