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Flashback to June 2017

My best friend had spent years searching for something to alleviate her achy joints and muscles. The discomfort was so bad at times that it made her yoga teaching much less fun.

She came across a post on social media that made her stop scrolling and look deeper. Then she got me interested, even though I didn’t think I needed anything extra in the health department.

I felt pretty healthy. I’d been doing yoga for almost 30 years, was a lifelong athlete, and had been eating paleo for about six years. I didn’t realize that I had gotten used to some changes in my body that came about gradually. You know…the after-50 stuff: poor sleep, that extra few (or more) pounds that won’t go away, difficulty keeping and building muscle, occasional brain fog, less endurance in my workouts, crappy workout recovery, leg cramps on long ocean swims, slow digestion/elimination, a build-up of stress and the issues that caused in my health, cholesterol #s that were creeping up (thanks for passing that on to me, Dad!), the usual cold or flu during fall and winter, etc. (Add your list here.) 😊

I didn’t realize that I had just accepted the slow decline in my health.

But what I also didn’t realize is that I didn’t have to decline. I didn’t have to give up the things I loved. My friend had discovered something transformational. It only took me about four days to realize the positive impact to my health.

Sharing my health results tracker

If this story resonates with you, I thought it would be fun to share my “Results Tracker” with you from my first 90 days on the magic molecules. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes and the Results Tracker is a way of gauging how you’re doing health-wise.

I’ll point out a few things, as my chicken scratch might be hard to read. The scoring is from one to 10 (one being poor and 10 being awesome). I added some notes in the margins as I was at the end of a early summer cold (hate those!!!). By the fourth day my lungs were clear and I was  more energetic.

Redox Signaling Molecules - ASEA Health Results Tracker

As a yogi, I’m not shy about talking about bodily functions, so I’ll share that on the fourth day I had an extra poop which I don’t think had happened since my teen years (TMI? 😳).  This was a major shift in my gut health!!!

My stress level was pretty high and had been for a few years. My numbers are a little mixed up in this category. But, the stressed feeling decreased over the 90 days—substantially.

The best indicator of the reduced stress is that I started dreaming again. I hadn’t realized that my sleep was so poor since starting menopause at around 51 years old (I was 58 at the time of filling out the tracker) that I hadn’t dreamed in years!

My sleep numbers went from six to nine over the 90 days. I was sleeping around six hours a night or less and that gradually increased over this period. Now I average about 7.5 hours or more per night.

The most surprising results early on were the positive impact on endurance, workout recovery, and inflammation. Endurance started at four and ended at 10. Recovery started at five and ended at 10.

By the third week I was doubling my run distance because I wasn’t tired. I felt like I was recovering as I ran, getting a second and third wind. I was experiencing what the science showed and I still do seven years later! It is one of my favorite benefits!

Recovery from my favorite three-hour ridge hike/trail run was usually a bit painful for a couple of days, but no more.

And the cramping during long swims I had experience since herniating a disc years earlier disappeared on day six. My notes in my calendar from that swim: I swam in front of my pack; felt unstoppable; strong; no cramping!!! NONE! Unreal; day 6 and I can feel the difference.

My overall health during these 90 days went from four to 10. You can see the positive change in the total number at the bottom of each column.

During the 68 months I’ve been using these magic molecules internally and on my skin I have experienced many more positive impacts on my health, such as I haven’t caught a cold or flu since that one noted in the tracker and I have had seasonal allergies and colds for as long as I can remember.

I’m grateful my friend found this scientific breakthrough and that I was open to saying yes!

PS: To get your own Results Tracker, place an order today. You’ll find it in the box. Use my link to order. Reach out to me if you have questions. 

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