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Your first sip will be unique to you as the taste varies from person to person. Some people say it tastes like plain water. Others taste ocean water, chlorine or even a metallic taste.

To me it tastes like a saltwater pool! That was my initial reaction to drinking ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement a few years back.

It’s the same liquid, so why such differing tastes?

If ASEA Redox tastes distinctive to someone initially, it’s just an indication of how much their body needs the redox signaling molecules that is ASEA.

If you experience a taste other than bland and water-like, it’ll reflect the extent to which you are deficient or imbalanced in redox molecules. The taste will evolve to water-like not because you are getting used to it but because your internal environment has changed.

As we continue to consume redox molecules, our experience of the taste evolves, the flavor shifts toward bland as our internal supply and balance are restored. Our body chemistry begins to approximate an optimal equilibrium reductant redox molecules paired with oxidant redox molecules. On a cellular level, this reflects the healthy balance that redox molecules help us regain.

Dr. Robertson Ward (MD, FAAF)

Supplementing our internal supply of these perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules by the trillions means that the efficiency and health of our cells, internal organs and body systems are supported. Our wellness, vitality and mobility are supported.

I love the fact that ASEA Redox helps me to maintain internal homeostasis and reduce the aging process in my body. And I can tell by the way it tastes whether my body is moving in that direction.