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Just a few of our rave reviews.

On General Well-Being

My past medical treatments had left me with achy joints, poor vision, poor sleep, no energy. With redox molecules, all these things improved and my mind became sharper.

Charlsie P.Houston, TX

I was medically diagnosed w/ Lyme disease. I suffered terrible pain and extreme fatigue. It’s only been 3 wks. on redox molecules, and I have my life back!

Ellen W.Oshkosh, WI

After 7 years of a chronic tick bite condition, I no longer take any medications and I believe that redox signaling molecules are an answer to prayer. I now also feel like I can be a father and take care of my wife. And most of all I got my joy in life back!

Brad L.ASEA customer

I’m a 42 yr old mom to two autistic boys. We all have had incredible results!! Around 10-14 days I noticed the difference in my boys. They're more interactive, sleep better and retain details they were never really interested in before.

Brenda G.ASEA customer

Since starting redox molecules, my life & health & outlook have improved amazingly. I’m sleeping better, I’m eating less & exercising more. I’ve lost body fat & gained muscle mass. I’ve got more energy, focus & stamina with a much better mental outlook. I am 64 years young.

Jeff G.Beverley, Massachusetts

On Energy & Stamina

Redox molecules before and after working out helped increase my capacity from 10 minutes to 1 hour in just 5 days. I am feeling motivated and energized. And my focus on my goals is returning.

Jeannette C.Webster, NY

My 94 year old mother’s health and memory improved tremendously. After being on redox molecules for two months, my mother had energy to go on long walks with me and even have feisty discussions! Before that she looked and felt like death warmed over and could barely walk to the bathroom. She was so much stronger and happier!

Karen W.Boston, MA

Depression, anxiety, energy & stamina – it only took 3 weeks to make a HUGE difference!


I hadn’t been able to ski more than a couple of days in a row, as I would be too tired & sore to continue. After taking these molecules for a couple of months, we went skiing. This time, I skied for 5 ½ days in a row.

Nicole D.Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

On Sleep Issues

In 34 days, my Cholesterol, Glucose, and Blood Pressure all improved. No more night blindness or gum/teeth sensitivity. No more sleep aids and my 37-year-old ankle injury finally no longer hurts!

Bill I.Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

I suffered from severe sleep problems for 2 yrs. Since redox molecules, I sleep through the night – since that very first night! Now I’m lots more alert & energetic during the day!

MarthaMaryland & Puerto Rico

I was working 50-70 hrs/week as a Registered Nurse and felt overwhelmed. It only took 3 days for redox molecules to rock my world! I remember waking up that 3rd morning feeling so refreshed, thinking that I had not slept that deeply in years. The rest of that day I felt this clean, deep energy, my mood was pure joy, & over the next few days I could feel my mental clarity sharpen.

Jo M.ASEA customer

My severely autistic, non-verbal 10-yr old has not slept through the night since she was born. She is now sleeping through the night and has spoken more words since 5 wks on redox molecules than she has in 9 yrs.

Stephanie B.St. George, UT

Redox molecules changed my life. I feel like myself before my illness & chemo. I have such energy, joy, wonderful deep sleep.

Cynthia H.Georgia

On Pain

I was unable to walk, even with a stick because of pain in my knee. One application of redox gel & pain disappeared. I’ve been using it for a year now, and I have been discomfort free.

Reverend ShirleyLondon, England

I can’t believe the visible reduction in sun damage on my hand! Or the amazing pain relief for my bone-on-bone knee.

Trish E.Dunsborough, Western Australia

I was medically diagnosed w/ Lyme disease. I suffered terrible pain and extreme fatigue. It’s only been 3 wks. on redox molecules, and I have my life back!

Ellen W.Oshkosh, WI

Horrific car accident left me with so many serious injuries I was near death 3 times and was on 400-600 pills each month. After redox molecules, I was no longer on pain meds and no longer suffered from PTSD and depression.

Dr. MarkAlbuquerque, NM

My back pain was severe – so much so that I was filling out disability papers. My knee, which had cartilage removed 40 yrs ago, also hurt daily. I still can’t believe it, but all my pain is gone. So are my panic attacks, fatigue, and sleep issues.

Frank M.MD, Urology

No more severe cramps during my monthly cycle. This is a huge breakthrough for me!

Brenda K.ASEA customer

On Gut Health

In 2005 was diagnosed with IBS. When I started drinking ASEA I started sleeping deeper, had more energy, and then to my absolute shock had relief with other health concerns. It took about eight months for the gut issues that caused me so much distress for 15 years to improve.
After three years of using these molecules, I don’t have one symptom of this terrible disease that has consumed me for so long. I continue to learn and try new healing modalities, but with all the money I have spent on those nothing has been able to match these Redox Signaling Molecules.

Tatyana P, RNRegistered Nurse

I’ve had problems with my digestion since I was born. In 2006 the symptoms got worse—cramps, gas, diarrhea, mucous, and blood in my stool. A specialist put me on cortisone and sulfur-based enemas, which made me nauseous and drowsy. I went on a strict diet and also tried a variety of herbal supplements. In 2016, I started drinking ASEA. I no longer have the cramps. The bloated, uncomfortable stomach I had lived with for decades is gone, and I am finally losing weight.

Mark M

At 77 years of age, my health issues were a burden and beyond repair, so I thought!!! My entire life I have had digestive problems. A hiatal hernia, acid reflux, stomach distress, spastic colon. I started taking redox molecules, and within one month I had relief from these issues. Then seasonal allergies, followed by inflammation of the airways, wheezing, and other inflammations, are now gone. Muscle and nerve discomfort are gone. I now have amazing blood pressure and pulse. Redox molecules have been a blessing!

Joan T

An issue with my stomach has given me discomfort for years. After taking redox molecules for a couple of weeks, I was so astounded that the discomfort I had had for the longest time was gone. Thank you!


I had been taking 60 ml (2 oz.) of redox-signaling liquid twice daily for over 3 years. I took a 1 year break which I soon regretted because my gut issues returned. After suffering the worst stomach cramps on the 4th night I decided to take 240 ml (8 oz.) of the redox liquid. The next morning I woke up from a good uninterrupted sleep and all my symptoms had gone. I was able to eat breakfast without any pain. My health was restored with $13 of redox liquid. Thank goodness for these redox-signaling molecules.

Joanna D.

On Healing & Infections

Scary biopsy results. Then I was exposed to deadly bacteria from a tainted medication that had killed at least 32 people. After taking the redox molecules for a few months, I was beginning to get my life back – the constant discomfort throughout my body was steadily receding. I had increased energy and focus. The painful bumps on my head, neck, and back were softening and becoming smaller. Some were actually disappearing. Redox molecules were a miraculous gift to me.

Mike S.Aurora, Colorado

My mum was in painful end stages of a terrible disease. Redox molecules brought her back from death’s door. Within a month she was ‘too well’ to remain in hospital.

Janice D.Tasmania, Australia

For 30 yrs I battled an autoimmune disorder affecting my entire nervous system. My mobility, eyesight & cognitive function had become so impaired that life was becoming unbearable. Redox molecules improved every aspect of my life, and I feel better than I have in many years.

Sherrie T.ASEA customer

An autoimmune disease kept me up at night with joint pain. In 3 days, inflammation was gone. A badly broken foot that Dr’s said would never heal without surgery & pins healed in less than 7 wks. Dr. had told me it would take 12 wks to heal WITH surgery.

MM DonohoASEA customer

On Heart Issues

My heart ventricle was working at 17%. With conventional medicine, it returned to 23% in 3 months. 2 months on redox, heart function climbed to 60%.

Mary-Cheryl D.Helena, Montana

27 years being HIV positive, diabetic, high blood pressure. After drinking redox molecules for months, doctors say there is no longer any evidence of disease.

Gordon B.Cypress, CA

I had a heart murmur since birth & Mitral Valve Prolapse diagnosed at age 18. After 2 yrs of redox molecules, my EKG shows my heart is now completely normal.

Tracy K.Lexington, KY

88 yr. old father has had a bad chronic cough due to an inflammatory lung condition for the last couple of years. I have been giving him the product for 10 days, cough has been totally gone for 4 days. Also, my mother, same age, memory issues after open heart surgery, showing signs of increased awareness and more energy.

DaveASEA customer

On Arthritis

Our 13-year-old dog was diagnosed w/ arthritis in her spine, back, and legs. She was in pain, cranky and stiff, sometimes unable to move. After a few weeks of redox molecules, she was running & playing again. No one could believe she was 13. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about redox molecules and felt the benefits with humans may be placebo. But these two dogs are physical proof that they really do restore and heal on a cellular level.

Martine SPet Owner

My mother is 87. I noticed how much she was limping and leaning on me when we walked. She told me she was taking Ibuprofen daily and using Arnica Gel on her painful hip. I sent her a case of redox molecules. The next day after she took her first 2 doses, she told me she had zero hip pain. She walked to the mailbox without a cane and did not use Ibuprofen or Arnica that day. The next day, the same thing, no pain. Of course, we are both thrilled. Now that she has been on redox molecules for 2 months, she reports that she can finally close the fingers of her right hand. This after many years of finger pain and not being able to hold a pen. She loves her redox molecules and made me promise to never let her run out.

Allyson G.Daughter

I have taken prescription Celebrex for over 5 years for arthritic problems. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, & degenerative disc disease. I have tried to go off it a couple of times and couldn't. I have been using redox molecules for 2 months. I have noticed more clarity & energy, almost a feeling of euphoria compared to how I felt prior. I went off of Celebrex over a month ago while taking these redox molecules. I now have no more back & leg pain, and the arthritis symptoms have gone.


I’m a drug-free professional body builder. I injured my shoulder & thought I was going to have to retire because the pain was unbearable. I've been weight training for 17 years and didn't want to stop doing what I love. A friend came into the gym and mentioned this product that would help with endurance. I just finished my second bottle and my shoulder pain is nearly gone. I've got a second chance! No more surgeries! Because of redox molecules, I can continue doing what I love—bodybuilding and competing.

AnonymousDrug-free professional bodybuilder

I had two fingers that were becoming deformed with joint inflammation. They were often sore. Since my father’s hands had become deformed due to this problem, I was very concerned. Early on in using redox molecules, when my fingers were really hurting, I sprayed them with the liquid and the discomfort went away. Two months into taking this product my two fingers don’t hurt and the swelling is going away. I am so grateful for this product!

RoseASEA customer

On Skin Issues

Mohs surgery left me with a hole the size of a quarter that became a 3-inch scar on my forehead. Thanks to redox molecules, the scar is almost completely gone.

John B.ASEA customer

Skin tag gone from my eyelid after using redox gel. I had the skin tag for 10 years!

Kelly A.Crystal Lake, IL

An accident left me with 3rd, 2nd, and 1st degree burns. I was able to heal very quickly and avoid the skin grafting surgery.

Mike M.Raleigh, NC

Redox molecules gel greatly improved my rosacea & eczema, and it helped me avoid surgery on a knee injury.

D. K.RENU28 customer

A spot that two dermatologists told me would not go away without “more extreme measures” today is almost gone. The only thing I have used on my face are redox molecules.

Judy S.ASEA customer

For Athletes

My son is a 17-year-old athlete but he could barely walk. He had developed such bad shin splints and ‘turf toe.’ He plays football and lacrosse. I asked him to try redox molecules and told him to stop if it doesn’t work. He got stronger and back on the field in 2 weeks. He did a weightlifting competition where he out-lifted his entire offensive line (and he is smaller than them). Then he did landscaping all day and was in college football practice that night. When I asked how he felt afterward, he just asked for more of the redox molecules.

David K.Charlottesville, Virginia

I was getting ready to do my 18th Ironman but had been able to do only 5 hours training a week instead of the 21 that’s required because of pain & fatigue. All that started changing. My sleep started getting better, my outlook on life was much brighter. I was able to go from 5 hrs/wk to 20 hrs/wk.

Shawn B.Idaho

I’m a cancer survivor who went through very serious treatments 14 years ago to cure my condition.

“But I was suffering from the side effects from the invasive treatments. I was often very tired and just didn’t have the energy a 26-year-old should have! Because of redox molecules, I am able to teach 10 fitness classes a week, lift weights 3 days a week, AND go for a 70-mile bike ride on the weekend. THANK YOU!!!

Alyssa F.Colorado

I am a physician with over 35 years experience in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, and a degree in Preventive Medicine and Nutrition. I have never worked with any technology that comes close to improving people’s health & performance to the degree that I have witnessed with these molecules.


On Pets

Jax was hrs. from being euthanized due to his terrible allergies, no one wanted him. I saw the love in his eyes so I adopted him. We tried everything for his food and environmental allergies. His skin was raw and he was in so much pain. I was taking ASEA so I thought, why not. Started giving Jax 1 oz am and pm. Skin's healed and he's much happier!

Sheryl P.Pet Owner

My 13 y/o orange kitty had kidney failure and the vet said to prepare for the end. Instead, I started giving him as much RENU28 as he would lick off my finger and ASEA through a medicine dropper daily. He didn't like the taste, but he gained his weight back, started playing again, his fur got thick and healthy and he lived another three years. So grateful I got more time with my lovable kitty.

Cheryl E.Honokaa, HI

My dog had an allergic reaction to something and broke out in this awful rash. He was panting and pacing because he was so uncomfortable. I rubbed RENU28 all over his skin & within minutes, his breathing slowed. He was comfortable enough to fall asleep, and in about an hour, his rash was a light pink instead of angry red. By morning, the rash was almost gone. I literally use RENU28 for everything now!

Heather H.Pet owner

My dog got distemper, I started giving ASEA. The cough was gone in 2 days. My pug loves ASEA!

Mila V.Czech Republic

On Back Pain

After six months drinking redox molecule, I am off all pain meds, muscle relaxers, and sleep medications which I had been taking around the clock for over 14 years for a herniated disk. Recent update: I continue with my 5 oz morning and evening. I have been off ALL meds for over two years now! Redox molecules continue to do new things in my body for which I will always be grateful!

Pearl B.Atlanta, Georgia

I broke a bone in my back and for seven years had miserable nights. I tossed & turned & was stiff & sore. After 11 months on redox molecules, I woke up one morning completely “fixed!" The problem never came back.

Tammy G.Helena, Montana

I had severe back & knee pain for 18 years. Three weeks of redox molecules and no more pain. Then (age 61) my shattered wrist healed like a 10 year old’s. My eyes improved. Now at 66 years old, I drink 6-8oz/180-240ml a day at least – I never go without it.

Anita M.Bucks County, PA

I was on 8-10 narcotic pills a day & the back pain was still excruciating and limiting my mobility. After two months on redox molecules, I was off all prescription pain medication. Also, my blood sugar lab results have improved so much I had to cut back on meds to treat this problem.


On Abnormal Growth / Atypical Cells

The hard breast lump went away in 4 days – which was very shocking to me. I tried giving it to my dog, who had mobility issues. He began running around the yard. It helped my neck mobility, my sleep, got me surprise compliments on my skin, and helped my finger injury heal really fast!


Lump on side of my neck. Biopsy indicated need for surgery. I doubled redox molecules intake & sprayed. Day of surgery, it was gone.

Krista E.ASEA customer

I had radiation for a serious prostate problem. Redox molecules helped me with pain, depression, reducing infections. It also improved my hearing, eyesight & more!

Jack C.ASEA customer

I just got a call from my mum. A year ago, scans revealed shadows on her lungs and kidneys. She had a cluster of dark spots on her right kidney and a large one on her left. After 7 months on redox molecules, scans on her lungs and kidneys today showed no more shadows on her lungs. Her right kidney is clear and the shadow on her left kidney had reduced in size! All tests came up clear and she was given a clean bill of health.

Sascha D.Brisbane, Queensland, Australia