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Athletic performance is enhanced with ASEA redox signaling molecules by an unbelievable 12% on average. This finding is based on VO2max testing of a sampling of elite athletes, and is just one of many benefits of ASEA redox molecules that can help anyone live a fuller, healthier life at any age. 

As a 65-year-old lifelong athlete, I’ve been using these products for over seven years. The endurance and recovery benefits were the first results I noticed, which convinced me I would never go without ASEA. 

I have a very active life living off-grid on a five-acre property with all the tasks you could think of—weed whacking, mowing, planting, pruning, installing catchment tanks, and building structures, just to name a few. While I don’t hike or cycle often I am pretty fit.

A couple of days ago I did one of my favorite out-and-back hikes. It is a valley-to-ridge hike that is 5.5 miles long and ascends 1680 feet. I finished in under three hours, with lots of pausing for photos. I ran a fair amount of the trail though I don’t run regularly. It was fun and I felt great.

The next day my legs weren’t sore. The second day post hike and still not sore. I had a little stiffness which my morning yoga cleared up easily. I drank extra ASEA on the hike day and the day after to speed recovery. I continue to be impressed with the positive effects ASEA and RENU28 have on my life quality!

Watch the video for more personal stories. And next week I’ll share the summary of the Nrf2 studies done by University of Bath, UK and Western Sydney University, Australia. Put your 🤓 hat on!

This video is from Nov 2010, during the early years of ASEA. 

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