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Where did ASEA come from?

ASEA is a growing direct-sales phenomenon born from the vision, passion and Fortune-500 experience of company founder Verdis Norton.

Profitable from its first year of business and financially sound, ASEA produces its one-of-a-kind products in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility, and they are redox certified by a prestigious third-party lab. The manufacturing processes are 100% owned and operated by ASEA, guaranteeing product quality time and time again.

Today ASEA is led by an executive team with extensive experience both in and outside the network marketing industry. ASEA’s executives are committed to the company’s long-term sustainable growth while maintaining the principles and values upon which the company was founded.

From its inception, ASEA has nurtured a culture of ethics and integrity. It’s a global company built on a philosophy that embraces principle over profit and investment in people—a quality that attracts competent, outstanding Associates, like the one whose site you’re visiting.

Whether providing a business opportunity, an avenue to optimal health, or a path to personal growth, the people of ASEA strive to succeed and to enhance the lives of everyone around them.

The Genesis of ASEA

Norton, who established a reputation as a leading business strategist after a long, distinguished career working for and consulting with top multinational companies, found himself serving on the board of a small biotech company. The company was working on groundbreaking technology  related to the science of redox signaling molecules—life-sustaining cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

Knowing that supplementing the body’s native supply of redox signaling molecules would optimize cellular function and overall health and wellness, the goal of this company was to recreate these molecules outside the human body and produce them in a consumable product. When the company ran into financial challenges and was forced to sell the redox signaling technology it developed, Norton, recognizing the enormous significance and potential of this concept, partnered with his business partners to purchase the technology.

What Does ASEA Mean? The word “asea” means “from the sea”—a timeless symbol of rejuvenation,  rebirth and healing. This word and concept resonated with our founders, since our mission focuses on cellular health. Cells are the most basic structural unit of human life and help facilitate the revitalization of  all of the body’s major systems. The ASEA name, for both the company and its products, signifies true, foundational revitalization.

Working with a team of researchers, the partners commissioned them to  develop this pioneering product concept with a three-fold mission: further the stability of the redox signaling molecules in the product, identify and facilitate safety testing and quality control, and commercialize the product so it could be produced in large amounts.

After extensive research and laboratory testing, the breakthrough came. The product that would come to be protected by multiple patents now not only contained active redox signaling molecules, but they were also shelf-stable and could be taken to the masses. Just by existing, this new product had created an entirely new category in health and wellness.


The Genesis of ASEA

The next steps for ASEA

The next question that was posed to ASEA founders was how to take this remarkable new product to a global market. The founders were from a  traditional business background and understood the challenge and costs  of introducing global consumers to a novel technology. After considerable research, they recognized that the powerful direct-sales model represented the best way to reach the most consumers while educating them on the value of this groundbreaking product. The more they researched, the more they fell in love with the empowering nature of direct sales, which enables independent business owners to define the quality of their lives and live out their own dreams.

The product, ASEA Redox Supplement, was now ready. The sales model was in place. ASEA was formally launched in 2010.

In 2014, the company introduced RENU 28, a revitalizing whole-body skin gel that also leverages the benefits of redox signaling molecules from the outside in. Both of ASEA’s products are produced in its 33,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility, which is FDA registered, NSF Certified and GMP compliant.

Since its launch, ASEA has enjoyed burgeoning success and today operates in 35 international markets.

ASEA is available in these markets

Five years since its founding,  ASEA is profitable and financially strong. In 2015, Direct Selling News named ASEA one of the top 100 direct sales companies in the world.

Today, following in the tradition of now-retired founder Verdis Norton, his son Tyler Norton chairs the board while CEO Charles F.  Funke, and President Jarom Webb are moving ASEA into the next phase of strategic growth. Their goal is to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the cellular health category and to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world live a healthier life, while  achieving their own personal and financial aspirations and dreams.

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