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There’s a lot of talk about inflammation these days but not many people understand why decreasing inflammation in the body is so important to their quality of life.

Inflammation is our bodies’ response to various life events that cause stress to the body. While some inflammation is natural and necessary to maintain equilibrium, a challenging lifestyle of poor diet, over-exercising, exposure to toxins and viruses, etc., can create runaway inflammation that tears down the body.

ASEA, the company, has done some pretty impressive studies that show how effective its supplement is for combating inflammation.

While the Nrf2 pathway is only one of the pathways that ASEA affects, it’s one of the principal pathways the body uses to combat oxidative stress and inflammation.

Two recent studies conducted by University of Bath, UK and Western Sydney University, Australia show that ASEA and RENU28 up-regulated Nrf2 activity and increased glutathione levels by 40 to 60%.

Nrf2 is the principal pathway the body uses to combat inflammation.

This is huge for people with health challenges, athletes who want to recover faster, or anyone who wants to feel better as they move through their typical day.

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Throughout our day we are exposed to oxidative stress. If you eat unhealthy food, are outside in the sun, and tax your body through physical work or workouts those are forms of oxidative stress. We are exposed to these types of stressors thousands of times per day.

Our body’s ability to respond to that stress is central to maintaining our health and wellness. Handling these stressors and maintaining health is key to a healthy life.

This research proves that ASEA improves Nrf2 activity, thus improving our life quality. Find out more in this video with Hunter Dean, the VP of Production Operations at ASEA.

And if you want to dive deeper into the science download the summary of the studies here. It isn’t light reading, but it is fascinating!


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