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That’s a good question and one that I hear often!

I answer with the response given by Gary Samuelson, Ph.D., the scientist who was integral in stabilizing the redox signaling molecules for ASEA:


If there's a cell involved, ASEA can help.

Gary Samuelson, Ph.d.Scientist

And I know from personal experience it does!

Listen to what these doctors have to say about this common question…

(The longest of these videos is only 2 mins and 19 seconds!)

Dr. Dick Walker 1:36

Some cells are heart cells, some are brain cells, and some are kidney cells. Your body doesn’t differentiate between your cells—they are all cells.

Dr. Foster Malmed 2:17

Every health challenge is from cells that are not functioning properly. All of them can be improved by having more redox signaling molecules in your system.

Dr. David Silverman 2:19

Dr. Silverman explains the safety of ASEA, its non-toxicity and whether it interferes with other medications.

Here’s More on Individual Concerns

Blood Sugar Issues 1:47

Dr. Aaron Kaufman explains how ASEA and RENU28 simply empower the cells of your body to do what they are able to do naturally in a healthy state.

On Eye Problems 2:07

Dr. Aaron Kaufman explains how ASEA’s human-identical molecules are found in every living cell. They are totally safe to use in our eyes.

Inner Ear & Dizziness 1:41

Dr. Aaron Kaufman explains how redox signaling molecules can improve almost any imbalanced or unhealthy situation in the body, given an adequate supply and time.

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